This is a site for me to share some of the thousands of photos and other memorabilia I have been accumulating - family, Scouting, and Barbershopping primarily.

It is very much a work in progress.

The first project is a searchable collection of photos from my quarter-century of Barbershop singing, motivated by the recent passing of a long-time singing partner (Bob Cochrane) and the passing on to me of over a thousand photos from another barbershopper (Jerry Roese) who was almost never without a camera in hand.
I have added some of my own and my Dad's photos to this collection, and plan to scan program books and other memorabilia eventually.
Over seven hundred photos so far.

The second project is a tribute to my Mother, Helen (Krumreig) Unger, originally put together this past February to remember her on what would have been her 100th birthday. It totals over 1,000 photos, organized into 26 sections ("Chapters"), of which only four are online now. It is not presently searchable, but will be soon, as more chapters come online.

Both of these collections allow viewers to add comments to each photo; if people do that, then gaps in what I know about the photos can be filled in, to everyone's benefit.

Feedback appreciated: