SEARCH TIPS Helen @ 100

1) capitalization is Unimportant - Use What YOU lIkE!
2) The And/Or buttons are currently all set to Or and cannot be changed.
This yields potentially more results, but is less confusing.
3) You don't have to use all the criteria!
Most of the time you'll get the results you want by just using one of Event, Location, First OR Last Name, or Comments.
4) If you do use more than one criteria, you may get way more results than you want!
Remember your criteria are being "OR"'d together.
5) Less is More If you type more than one word, the entire phrase you typed will be searched for, not the individual words.
You may not find what you're looking for, because I didn't tag it with the exact phrase you used.
6) I suggest using ONLY first OR last name and NOT BOTH.
If I typed it as Barbara UngerBarb Unger you won't find it.
If you search for just Barb>you'll find both versions of the name. (Of course, you'll also get andBarbs other than Unger.)
7) Both Clark's Comments and Comments others have left are included in the search.
8) Use the RESET button after one search before you begin another.